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Current Price Sheets: 

​BK Resources June 2022

Blanco Feb 2023

​Graff March 2023 (5%)

​Haro  March 2023

Keuco January 2022

Lesso May 23 2022

Native Trails April 1 2023

Pioneer/Olympia/Central Feb 2023 

Red White Valve Feb 2022

Saniflo December 2022 (2023)

ThermaSol March 2023/Sauna Dec 2022

Trone  January 2023

Viefe February 2023

WoodioJanuary 1, 2022

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What's New (Upadated 3.21.2023)

  •  New Lines for RJS: HARO, Keuco, Trone, and Woodio. Brochures and Pricing available!
  • Price Increases Posted for Blanco, Pioneer, Olympia, Central Brass, Saniflo, Graff, Native Trails, Graff
  • ThermaSol introduces a line of Saunas for Inside and Outside December 2022
  • ​Graff introduces the Vignola Series
  • Check out the new line of Handles and Accessories: Viefe
  • Saniflo introduces the SaniswiftPro: a better version of "Pump in a Bucket"
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